Forest Temple EX level ready for reshipping.

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5 years ago#1
Hello every one

I had "forgotten" my level because of the initial difficulties. I had made the level yet I couldnt get people to load the complete sound file. It is too big maybe.

So my brother simply said, why don't you send it in chunks? VOILA, magic words.

I have now cut the stage into six parts. I will provide Sound Files for each of them.

they are named


Each file is already ready with the background, tile set, and music.

All you have to do is create a new stage, and one by one copy all the parts into the stage.

FT1 IS first and goes at the top. the rest come right below the previous part.

The Bangai O must be placed in the lower left corner of the stage, in the village entrance, the place with the tree.

Please, take the time to copy and paste correctly and I can assure you the level will be worth it.

Try it out with different weapons please.

Through out the level, there are different ways to finish the level and a couple of extra difficult manuvers involving the ball, for those who want to try to take down every target with it.

I will upload the parts tonight in

along with every other file I have got.

I have already uploaded a zip file containing tons of Japanese Stages straight from a contest.

See you there.

Ahi nos vemos mexican player.
5 years ago#2
ready it is up.

plus other surprises.
5 years ago#3
I will keep bumping it until I get at least one reply.

Cmon, I loaded the site with levels!

30 or more.

Now we need only yours!
5 years ago#4
hello folks. just lurking around. the vault is waiting. los veo alla y aqui.
5 years ago#5
well, nothing yet.

See you tomorrow.
5 years ago#6
To wait in delight.
5 years ago#7
it might seem to me you guys will never come back. But you will.
5 years ago#8
Cmon! whatchall waiting for?

A dedicated sound archive for Bangai O spirits levels.

Bring yours along"

Featured Forest Temple EX.
5 years ago#9
check this out,

its getting bigger!
5 years ago#10
I have been playing some of the japanese contest levels...

Wow. Pretty impressive levels. I am more than before eager to compile a pack of 50+ (being a bit more realistic) super high quality levels (in terms of level design, balance, difficulty, variety, innovation, challenge, flow).

Here is my first draft.

Forest Temple EX
Tempres Pain LE
Fruit Temple EX
Shimekirimaeno akumu
Imate kaettekoi
Koukaseyo! bangaio-!!

And you?
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