Crashing problems...

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8 years ago#1
The game crashes randomly a lot during loading, usually after a tournament is finished.

anyone else has this problem?
8 years ago#2
I have yet to experience a crash yet... but, then again, I have only finished three tournaments so far.
8 years ago#3
So far Ihave played 7 or 8 tournaments and played online for about an hour with no crashes, It did not even have a problem my my battery ran out in a tournament, after pluging the ACin it resumed the game with no problems.
8 years ago#4
Crashed for me about 5 times in the first day. I'm using custom firmware though so maybe that is contributing to it....
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8 years ago#5

Using 3.52M33-4 this game has crash 5 times at the prcise moment of reaching the final table in wed week 1 limit $1,500

i have tried changing ALL the settings in recovery mode to no avail and tried 2 different cso/isos, at this point im pretty sure its the game itself that has bugs.

online play is fine so im not all that bothered but its still inconvienient...

im hopin its just that 1 event thats bugged

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