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8 years ago#1
I decided to make an updated list of the Skill Points: enjoy =P (Note: the unknown SPs are labelled with a ~ in front of them)

Furious Fists of Fury (Boltaire Museum, Clank): Use only your melee attacks to complete the level.
Silent Night (Boltaire Museum, Clank): Take down every guard in the museum using stealth takedowns.
Pyrrhic Victory (Boltaire Museum, Clank): Get damaged only in the very last (rhythm) segment.
Triple Platinum Record (Boltaire Museum, Clank): Get through the whole (rhythm) segment without missing any button presses.
Stainless Steel (Planet Galattica, Ratchet): Take no damage during the Mega Challenge.
Playing With Fire (Planet Galattica, Ratchet): Kill 5 enemies by running them into Lizard Thug Molotov cocktails.
Speed Demon (Asyanica, Gadgebots): Complete the Rescue Clank! challenge in 1 minute and 25 seconds.
Robot Finds Ninja (Asyanica, Clank): Get all possible stealth kills in the level.
Perfect Chrome Finish (Asyanica, Gadgebots): Complete the Rescue Clank! challenge without any Gadgebot taking damage.
Black Tie Affair (Asyanica, Clank): Get through the level defeating all enemies with the Tie-A-Rang.
Like The Wind (Asyanica, Clank): Get through without getting hit by anything.
Inverse Ninja Law (Asyanica, Quark): Kill 99 ninjas during the fight.
Blaster Overload (Asyanica, Quark) Beat the boss without using the regular blaster.
Perfect Tango (Glaciara, Clank): Don't miss a single button.
Black Diamond (Glaciara - Snowboarding, Clank): Hit no Obstacles; enemy projectiles do not count.
Smooth Moves (Glaciara - Snowboarding, Clank): Cause at least 15 enemies to get killed by their friends.
Ringleader (Glaciara - Snowboarding, Clank): Collect all the rings in the Go For The Gold ring challenge.
Empty the Warrens (Prison Planet - Mess Hall, Ratchet): Kill over 89 Tyhrranoids in the “Tyrranoid Recycling” challenge.
Antaeus (Prison Planet - Mess Hall, Ratchet): Beat the Mega-Challenge without jumping.
Master of Disguise (Rionosis, Clank): Use a disguise station every time the Kingpin becomes suspicious.
Trash Talk (Rionosis, Clank): Use the trashcans to lure out and kill all the Henchmen.
Deadly Hands (Rionosis, Clank): Dispatch all of the Kingpin's Guards before he reaches the fourth tourist cart.
Steel Rain (Rionosis, Clank): Send at least 10 henchbots sailing off the gondolas into the open blue.
52 Card Pickup (Rionosis, Quark): Finish off Jack using only cards, not bombs. Using punches is also alright.
Dress for Success (Rionosis, Quark): Get Jack to hit himself with three of his own hats.
~ Beat The House (Les Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino): Unkown.
Indian Burn (Prison Planet - Exercise Yard, Ratchet): Kill 10 enemies with dodgeballs.
The Law Can't Touch Me (Prison Planet - Exercise Yard, Ratchet): Complete the Mega Challenge and never get struck by the yard guns.
~ Lucky Sevens (Les Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino): Unknown.
A Gadgebot Stands Alone (Les Paradis Des Tricheurs Casino, Gadgebot): Never use the revive command in either of the Gadgetbot arenas.
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8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#3
All Slime Must Burn (Secret Laboratory Venantanio, Clank): Complete the level killing amoboids usiing only melee attacks and the Blowtorch Briefcase.
Ramming Speed (Secret Laboratory - Venantonio, Clank): Kill 10 amoeboids by ramming a small engine box into them.
Evasive Maneuvers (Canals - Venantonio, Clank): Dodge 8 torpedoes using the Hydrofoil.
Deep Six (Canals - Venantonio, Clank): Don't get hit by seeking mines.
Wake Of Destruction (Canals - Venantonio, Clank): Destroy everything, bridges, tunnels cover, et cetera.
Ringmaster (Canals - Venantonio, Clank): Collect all the rings in the Threading The Needle challenge.
Twinkle Toes (Venantonio, Quark): Get a 5-chain of butterfly bounces without touching the stage.
Magnum Opus (Venantonio, Quark): Beat the entire opera without getting hit.
Sold Out (Venantonio, Quark): Score 150,000 Box Office sales.
~ With Interest (Fort Sprocket): Unknown.
Androids In Disguise (Fort Sprocket, Clank): Stealth kill 2 Doppelgangers while being disguised as a Doppelganger.
Vault Vault (Fort Sprocket, Gadgebots): Beat the main challenge within 8 minutes and 25 seconds.
El Dia de los Muertos (Fort Sprocket, Gadgebots): Get a Static Midge helmet on all three Gadgebots at once.
Ruba-Dub Club (Prison Planet - Showers, Ratchet): Only use the wrench to kill the Amebiod King.
Modesty (Prison Planet - Showers, Ratchet): Don't lose your towel during the mega challenge.
It's A Delicacy Somewhere (Spaceship Graveyard, Clank): Blow up every mature organic spore in the level.
Revenant (Spaceship Graveyard, Clank): Destroy every enemy in the salvage yard before the final door opens without being seen.
Punchy (Spaceship Graveyard, Quark): Defeat all pirates using only punches.
Sour Victory (Spaceship Graveyard, Quark): Kill the Kudzu Monster, using only lemons.
Min Maxing (The Quasar Fields, Giant Clank): Score 1075 points (1550 in Challenge Mode).
I Kill The Rock (The Quasar Fields, Giant Clank): Kill all 3 Mega Rock class dreadnoughts.
Whip it Good (Prison Planet - Jail Break, Ratchet): Get 40 kills with the Plasma Whip.
Hanging Judge (Prison Planet - Jail Break, Ratchet): Beat the main challenge without letting any prisoners escape.
Yeeee Haaaaaw! (Hydrano, Car Clank): Perform a roll off of a cliff.
Offensive Driver (Hydrano, Car Clank): Complete timed challenge with at least 60 sec remaining.
Slippery Slope (Hydrano, Car Clank): Hit at least 5 oil slicks on a single life.
Ring Around The Rosie (Hydrano, Clank): Collect all the rings in the Driving Test ring challenge.
He Cleans Pools,Too! (Hydrano, Quark): Kill 20 enemies with a single lawnmower.
~ Perfect Mirror (Hydrano): Unknown.
~ Cereal Decoder Ring (Underwater Base): Unknown.
133t h4xx0r (Underwater Base, Clank): Don’t fail any Omni Key puzzles.
Rust Proof (Underwater Base, Clank): Don’t fall in the water, ever.
I'm Not There (Underwater Base, Clank): Don’t get seen by any enemies, lasers or fish.
Turn the Tables (Underwater Base, Clank): Complete at least 4 successful takedowns on Klunk, and never get taken down yourself.
~ A Pretty Good Likeness (Underwater Base): Unknown.
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8 years ago#4
you should post the known ones in the cheats section
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8 years ago#5
With Interest is known.
With Interest: Kill 5 static midges through friendly fire from the bolt thief enemies.
Also do you have any tips for Triple platinum record I am having trouble with the part where you push the tree and any tips for saving time on vault vault?
8 years ago#6
I actually did vault vault by accident. I just kept on replaying it (I kept dying) and using my umbrella, eventually it powered up enough to kill the enemies in one hit, and then I got the skill points.
I have a new goal in life: To Piledrive every new vet that comes to the veterans board!
8 years ago#7
^^ Ah, thanks much for notifying me about With Interest
And I really don't have tips for the rhythm sections: you just have to play them alot to get the feel of them (I'm a big rhythm game player, and while the challenges were hard at first, as any rhythm gamer knows: practice practice practice and eventually you'll surprise yourself at how well you do on what you previously thought to be impossible ^_^)

About Vault Vault: while I don't have the point yet (I'm missing 7, and now hopefully 6 with With Interest) but I'm still not sure if it is for the Clank mission or for the Gadgebots . . . can anyone confirm which player/stage you get the skill point on?
MGS4 Online Name: Xanadir
Currently playing - DJ Max Portable 1 & 2, The World Ends With You, Echochrome, Metal Gear Solid 4, Secret Agent Clank
8 years ago#8
I am good with rhythm but these sections really more on sight than sound :(
8 years ago#9
I uploaded a save just now, and wa wondering if anyone caould finish of the rest of those skill points before I go into New Game+ mode, I just don't have the time or patince to do them.

If you could that be great...
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8 years ago#10
Double post yak, yak, yak >.>

Anyway, after I uploaded my other save, I started playing and managed too get 3 more Skill points, for a total of 50 >.>

Now I'm working on upgrading all weapons to max, so untill thats done, don't worry about my other save, I'm gonna post a new one with these on it:

All of Clanks and Ratchets weapons Maxed. 50 of 65 Skill Points. About 250K Bolts. Red and Blue Keycards. All Titanium Bolts.

Once I'm done, with your help, I will have ALL skill points, thus, making this the best first playthrough before New Game+ EVAH !!

Help me get the Skill points, and I will be done...I'll be uploading the save tomorrow, once the weapons are upgraded >.>
The World will end with out hate
Or is it hate that will destroy us
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