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StickyDLC Suit and Weapon Information (Sticky)
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Hungry_4_Brains859/17 11:22AM
Survival horror fan. Just started playing... (Archived)lid101339/24 12:27AM
An over reliance on jump scares. (Archived)Jmsmash111858/19 12:55PM
Well I got the military suit glitch to work, but my suit has only four bars (Archived)bobaTmintjulep18/12 8:18AM
'Don't Get Cocky Kid' and 'Slugger' achievements (Archived)drumble8918/12 8:17AM
How easy do the DLCs make Impossible mode? (Archived)drumble8928/5 7:20PM
Is the Marker good or evil? (Archived)tirtha2chester45/25 7:46AM
ads cannon...... (Archived)neovector95/9 1:38PM
Are there multiple versions of the ending? (big spoilers) (Archived)nonexistinghero25/7 4:42PM
Second Playthrough (Archived)Molisia53/7 9:45PM
For those who have played the Dead Space IPhone Game, please help! (Archived)cowboybbp111/2/2014
Just finished a blind let's play of this game. (Archived)RaGe__BoX110/19/2013
Doing a blind Let's Play of this game (Archived)RaGe__BoX49/17/2013
Which of the following weapons should I get? (Archived)Seromontis19/12/2013
one gun play-through question (Archived)slowdusted46/24/2013
Menu always opens to map? (Archived)Phoenix251825/5/2013
Asteroids are impossible... (Archived)sebice84/12/2013
New Game Plus question (Archived)Chisoka44/12/2013
Resi fan so stayed loyal and avoided DS series (Archived)nijos0070064/9/2013
Any tips before I get too far into the game (Archived)Chisoka104/1/2013
First play-Strategy (Archived)BixRando53/24/2013
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