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8 years ago#1
I did not write the game script so I cannot say that I am 100% certain, but this is how I interpreted the gameís story:

Backstory: The in-game logs indicate that the original black marker was found on Earth hundreds of years ago. The discovery also led to the rise of the Unitarian church, which became the dominant religion on Earth since that time. Earth scientists discovered a genetic code written on the Marker which created the bacteria-like life form that subsides on dead organic tissue. The Black marker prevented the life form from working (by some type of frequency), so the Earth government created a secret laboratory in deep space on the in game planet (I canít remember the planetís name right now) in order to study the life form. A laboratory accident resulted in the death of all the scientists in the research colony and creation of the necromorphs. The government realized that the situation got out of hand, so they sent a mad-made smaller replica of the Marker, the red Marker, to the colony to contain the spread of the life-form and necromorphs. The government then classified the planets system and made it a forbidden zone.

The Unitarian church, being so widely followed, had its members who are high-ranking government officials find the location of the colony and the red Marker, and arrange for the USG Ishamura to go there, staffed with only church members. The church wanted to claim the Red marker to find what it believed was the secret to resurrection. When the ship arrived at the lab, it was a ghost town. They set up a colony to look for the Marker, found it, and took the Marker on board and proceeded to study it.

The chief scientist on board became obsessed with it and began killing crew members to use as test subjects to use in his experiments using the genetic code sequence on the Marker. This led to the infection of necromorphs on the ship. The scientist eventually created the regenerating necromorph, which he believed was the resurrection that the Marker promised.


Markers(s): The Marker(s) are monolithic constructs designed by some alien intelligence that predates humans designed to contain the life-form that causes the necromorphs. They are not sentient, but rather are complex machines/computers that emit radiation in various frequencies that are designed to prevent any sentient life from disturbing them. It is my theory that the markerís writings contain a warning that describes the deadly life form and what its purpose is. It is possible that the warning could not be translated at first, but the DNA sequence was. The Unitarian idea of resurrection is probably a mistranslation from the Markerís warning.

The reason why there are no necromorphs on Earth is due to the presence of the original Marker, which is much larger than the one in the game. It was placed on Earth by some unknown alien force to prevent the spread of the necromorphic life form. It is possible, though nothing in game supports this, that there are numerous other Markers on other planets with the same purpose.

The hallucinations experienced by people near the Marker are a result of the emissions designed to prevent any sentient life from moving or tampering with it.

The Hive-Mind: The hive mind is likely the vastly mutated remains of the scientists that were working in the secret lab on the planet. It was dormant when Red marker was placed on the planet, but became active when it was removed and placed aboard the ship. Because it was mad made, it was designed to emit a frequency to prevent removal from the planet or compel returning it to the planet.

The hive mind psionically controls the lower necromorphs on the ship and in the colony. It does not want the Marker returned, so it compels the lower level necros to attack any human on sight.
8 years ago#2
I believe that this theory makes the most sense in context of the story. There are a few problems though with it, including:

1) It does not account very well for Kendraís actions. The game indicates she was a double agent, but if she was working for the government, she wouldíve wanted the marker returned to the planet to seal the infection. The only explanation is that she was an agent for the Unitarian church sent to recover the marker for their purposes.

2) It does not explain why, if the marker was aboard the ship, the infection was spreading on the ship. The Markerís function shouldíve slowed or stopped the infestation. We know the Marker was working on the ship due to Issacís and the othersí hallucinations throughout the game.

Please let me know what you all think about these theories.
8 years ago#3
According to the Comics:

The colony was established prior to the arrival of the Ishamura. Also, The Necromorph infection began spreading on said colony once the Marker was removed from its resting place. So, it appears, the marker can only work while in its predetermined location. It needs to be whole again.
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8 years ago#4
Correct, the colony was established. It was a secret research lab. And the red marker only works on the planet. It was engineered by humans to do so.
8 years ago#5
That would explain why it didn't stop the infestation aboard the ship. Thanks.
8 years ago#6
They only took half the marker.

The fact is, we will find out who Kendra was working for. More likely than not, she was taking the marker back to earth to destroy it, to make the cult stop sending people there.
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8 years ago#7
You're theory makes a lot of sense. It explains a lot, but for some reason I always thought the original marker wasn't necessarily designed to stop the necromorphs, but to create life, and that when man discovered the marker and understood its life giving powers, decided to try and recreate it and test it on an empty planet. Of course, it goes wrong and creates the abominations we know and love.

You're theory is probably more likely though, seeing as mine doesn't explain why the marker seems to contain them...

PS: it's "man made" not "mad made"

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8 years ago#8

HenryTouchdown posted...
They only took half the marker.

The fact is, we will find out who Kendra was working for. More likely than not, she was taking the marker back to earth to destroy it, to make the cult stop sending people there.

Or she was working for the Unis, though she didnt seem as crazy as the rest.

Also it seems odd to me that the Unis only unearthed and took half of the Marker, you would think they would attempt to take the entire thing, but that might have not been possible or something.

8 years ago#9
The other half of the marker was probably a pedestal or something. They most likely took the bigger piece thinking it was the only part worthwhile.
Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see. - Alfred Glaser
8 years ago#10

Bah something else came to my brain.

It also seems strange that the military ship, cant remember the name, that was hiding out in the system had no clue as to the Necromorphs or the Marker. Letting the jettisoned escape pod right onto their ship and whatnot.

Then again maybe the Govt. is as hush hush then as they are now about paranormal and extraterrestrial activities, and to not excite any Unis that might have been on that ship...

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