Are there any sex scenes in the Dead Space game like there are in Mass Effect?

#115_NewUserPosted 10/24/2008 8:24:14 PM
Just wondering because my mom said I couldn't get it if it was "full of porn" like Mass Effect. I picked it up without her knowing but I don't want to come home one day and find she's found it and thrown it out because it's "full of porn" as she says.
#2Core_Of_StuffPosted 10/24/2008 8:25:24 PM
Violent dismemberment = Fine.

Sex = Not good.

Your answer is no, there is no sex.
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#3Sirius345Posted 10/24/2008 8:25:27 PM
No, but if I was a parent I would consider the insane amount of gore and violence in this game much worse than just a brief shot of a butt or a breast.
#4joemama3434Posted 10/24/2008 8:26:17 PM
LOL.... "full of porn" that made my day hahaha. Don't worry my parents say dumb things as well. No worries tho, dead space is not at all full of porn.
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#5MaddenBowler10Posted 10/24/2008 8:26:51 PM
well there's some "headbanging", "tentical play" hm...a chick with a nice a55 to name a few. yes this game is full of pron.
#6JRD1912Posted 10/24/2008 8:27:07 PM
Its non stop porn.
#7abordoliPosted 10/24/2008 8:28:17 PM
Americans are so damn sexually repressed it's insane...
#8XxAltecxXPosted 10/24/2008 8:30:59 PM

JRD1912 posted...
Its non stop porn.

OH YEAH! Hot Hive Mind on leviathan action!

#97gunsPosted 10/24/2008 8:31:53 PM
There is no porn in MASS EFFECT! Tell your Mom I said it.
#10hrjPosted 10/24/2008 8:32:42 PM
LOL Maddenbowler10...Headbanging... :) Nice one.