DLC Suit and Weapon Information

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Here is a link to a visual guide that displays images of all the DLC suits and weapons, as well as detailing the armor rating of each suit:



The available DLC packs and their contents are as follows:

The Elite Weapon Skin Pack
120MS points, includes skins for the Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, and Pulse Rifle.

The Speed Kills Pack
180MS points, includes faster-firing versions of the Force Gun, Line Gun, and Plasma Cutter.

The Heavy Damage Pack
240MS points, includes increased-damage versions of the Plasma Cutter, Contact Beam, Pulse Rifle and Ripper

The Big Gun Pack
80MS points, includes an increased-damage version of the Force Gun, called the Steampunk Force Gun

The Hot Rod Pack
80MS points, includes skins for the Flamethrower and Pulse Rifle

The Scorpion Weapon Pack
180MS points, includes faster-firing versions of the Plasma Cutter, Force Gun and Line Gun

The Pedestrian Pack
120MS points, includes skins for the Contact Beam, Plasma Cutter, and Ripper

The Military Pack
320MS points, includes increased-damage versions of all 7 weapons

The Elite Suit
200MS points, (was free for a short time before and during Dead Space's Launch date), includes a lvl 5 suit

The Scorpion Suit
200MS points, includes a lvl 5 suit with increased damage resistance

The Scorpion Pack
320MS points, includes the Scorpion Weapon Pack and Scorpion suit

The Elite Pack
240MS points, includes the Elite Weapon Skin Pack and Elite suit

The Astronaut Pack
240MS points, includes skins for the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, and Ripper and a lvl 5 suit with increased damage resistance

The Tank Pack
320MS points, includes increased-damage versions of the Flamethrower, Force Gun, and Line Gun and a lvl 5 suit with heavily-increased damage resistance


Additional information regarding the DLC Suit and Weapons:

When you purchase a DLC Weapon or Suit pack, you do not immediately start out with your DLC content in your inventory. You must first access any of the Stores located at different points in the game and purchase the DLC content for 0 credits. You will be able to buy any item included in a DLC pack, regardless of whether you have the schematic of the regular version.

DLC suits are equipped the same as normal suits, and you can only wear one at a time. If you purchase any lvl 5 DLC suit and equip it ingame, you will be unable to purchase and equip the lvl 2, 3, 4, or 5 version of the regular suit, but you will still be able to purchase and equip the lvl 6 military suit.

DLC weapons are placed in your inventory as separate weapons and you must manually switch to them using the D-pad, but they are counted as the same weapon for upgrades and achievements. You may have multiple versions of the same gun in your Inventory or Safe.

DLC weapons and normal weapons share their upgrade status, meaning any node placed in any version of a weapon will affect ALL versions of that weapon.

Achievements regarding weapons are unaffected by DLC versions of those weapons. It is possible to unlock any of the Kill 30 Enemies achievements using the DLC weapons and any DLC Plasma Cutter counts as a Plasma Cutter for the One Gun achievement, even if you acquire the DLC version partway through a playthrough.

If you purchase multiple DLC packs, you will be able to purchase items included in that pack for 0 credits at any store. If you buy the Heavy Damage pack and the Speed Kills pack you will find both a Heavy Damage Plasma Cutter and a Speed Kills Plasma Cutter along with the regular Plasma Cutter. Effects granted by a Pack, such as the Increased Damage of the Heavy Damage pack, only apply to that version of the weapon. (i.e. Only the Heavy Damage Plasma Cutter will have increased-damage.)
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"Give us money and we'll make the game easier for you!"
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Essentially, that's the idea. Regardless of how greedy that is, DLC is part of the game and I feel that this topic, if sticky'd, would cut down on the amount of threads asking about it.

Is it just me or did I sound like a politician right there?
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wow, thanks for the info
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Remember when cheats used to be you know....free?
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Hey guys check out the look of my character in DS! It was only 4 bucks!


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60% armor?!

You may as well melee everything in the game, since you won't be getting hurt at all.
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Wow... those skin jobs are even worse than I'd thought... >_<

At least the astronaut suit looks different.
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Web site that actually explains the difference between the RIGs as in armor % and defense. I didn't realize the Elite Suit was only a Level 4 I thought 5.