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Does anyone else always use the Plasma Cutter in horizontal mode? (Archived)MegamanXfan21xx12/2 11:29PM
Upgrading and Weapons question (Archived)IRONMAIDEN1112211/20 9:44PM
Will i like this game? (Archived)atrevino3219/22 8:03AM
Dead Space Impossible Mode (Archived)DeathProdigy188/31 9:21PM
Finally, 6 years after release... (Archived)stonio9968/6 12:49AM
Gotta love having a ton of power nodes (Archived)The Blob200036/28 3:47PM
360 version runs sooooo much smoother (Archived)DrLight6635/14 8:25PM
Any suggestions? Just a Couple Questions. (Archived)Matty028944/19 3:38AM
Damn. Why haven''t I played this sooner (Archived)
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torch00123/17 1:00PM
How this one compares to Dead Space 2? (Dead Space 2 SPOILERS) (Archived)BrunoFurstBrito61/13/2014
Is a copy of this game only able to be used on one console? (Archived)KingBill42031/13/2014
For those who have played the Dead Space IPhone Game, please help! (Archived)cowboybbp131/12/2014
how long? (Archived)pure_filth411/22/2013
Just did a fresh run (Archived)DelusioNzorszor110/28/2013
As a new player to Dead Space one thing worries me the most (Archived)Neroon28/29/2013
Impossible Mode gltich clarification (Archived)RoboP18/26/2013
Is Dead Space Hard On Impossible Mode? (Archived)Chronix0138/19/2013
Doing a blind Let's Play of this game (Archived)RaGe__BoX18/16/2013
Question about this artifact (Spoilers) (Archived)Concursante28/5/2013
This Game is Free in the App Store (Apple Products ONLY!!!) (Archived)Nubaru37/12/2013
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