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4 years ago#1
This is the only Trophy i need to unlock the silver... problem is.. i can't do it..

I've tried maybe 50 times.. so far.. all failed..

Should i give up and move on to other games?
4 years ago#2
Same here - it's the only one I need too.

[Archon2k1 said]:"This is the only Trophy i need to unlock the silver..."

Don't you mean the platinum?

I read some tips for it somewhere (maybe the wiki - I can't remember), they said that if you turn the brightness up to max (the game, not the TV) then you can see the asteroids coming a lot easier from farther away, so the larger ones that break into smaller ones can be dealt with a lot sooner.

Also it recommended not to swing the sights too much from one extreme to the other, and conentrate on the ones that are heading for the ship and ignore the ones that are heading way off to the side (those don't hit the ship apparently - although I've always been too pumped up to notice if these ones register as a hit or not LOL)

I have tried this approach only the once, and I still only managed 43% hull integrity when the auto kicked in, but that's better than I managed before.

I think these tips do seem sensible, so I'll probably give it another few tries - I think for me I need to 'warm up' my aim gradually.

Hope this helps (us both LOL)

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4 years ago#3
The asteroid density also seems to vary, so if you just stay persistent you might get lucky with a slightly easier wave.
4 years ago#4
I did this yesterday by keeping my aim primarily in the middle only going to the sides if their was nothing there and rapid fire the big meteors that split. Open the doors behind you before sitting down and turn the brightness up. turn the sound off to help you concentrate and grab something to read before you starts so if you F up just let the meteors kill you.

Also you might just get lucky with an easy wave and have no troubles Took me round 10 tries
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4 years ago#5
The MAIN thing you need to remember when going for this trophy is to fire BOTH cannons simultaneously when making your shots, just as the game does after you pass. I was having a TON of trouble with this one and looked around online for some tips. Someone mentioned to "do as the game does and fire both cannons". Made ALL the difference in the world. Got it my 2nd try after that, and did it again by accident a few days ago on my Epic Tier 3 run. Wasn't even trying.
4 years ago#6
i muted the game when i did it. for some reason when i kept hearing him say "just 1 more minute" it seemed to take forever. i muted the TV and got it first time out.
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4 years ago#7
I'll see what i can do...but yea i also meant Platinum... not silver x.x

Anyways, thankies for the helps
4 years ago#8
I found it better to hold down the fire button when I did it. If you're lucky you'll get a shot where the cool downs happen at convenient moments. It gives you a better chance at getting some of the distant asteroids you cant see.
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