Ice Cream Heartless Locations

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6 years ago#1
Does anybody know them? (Specifically looking for Aqua)
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6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
Whoops, still use to heartless.... I meant unversed
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6 years ago#4
^ My thoughts exactly but any way
For Terra
oh and the on deep space is the prison room Terra was tossed in when he was captured.
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6 years ago#5
though i guess it's probably too late.... you can fight them endlessly in the mirage
arena, there are 2 challenges with mimics (living treasure boxes) that
have the ice cream heartless.... i mean the unversed ice cream monsters
as the second to last battle... but besides that...

castle of dreams; in the fountain

dwarf woodlands; either in the field before entering the dark forest area
or on a ledge past the timed gates in the queen's castle

radient garden; at the very top of the series of fountains, on the opposite side
you can reach the spot if you can air dash

hercules coliseum; either in the area where the hades cup roster would have
hung, or in the next area, in the back and to the left..

mirage arena, if there are mimics on the preview screen then there are definitely
ice cream unversed, 100% guarenteed encounter

sry.. i dunno about neverland, deep space, the keyblade graveyard or enchanted dominion
6 years ago#6
You know that each place drops a different ingredient, right? You can't say...just beat the ones at the arena over and over.
6 years ago#7
oh... i didn't know x.x
i'm still new to kh ice cream quest...

this whole time i thought the ice cream that dropped depended on the attack that landed
on it.. but... that does sound more likely.. since it would be too easy that way..
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6 years ago#8
wait... i just encountered them in herc colluseum, and got different ingredients... from
attacking with blade charge, fire and aero... are you sure that the locations are important?
6 years ago#9
Look for locations with two unversed settings. Also in castle of dreams in Aqua you go to the main foyee before the ball room, but there is two types of rooms Unversed patterns
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6 years ago#10
I want to get the ingredients for the 2nd , 6th and 7th ice creams ... where exactly are the ingredients ... have not got any ingredients at all for these ice creams
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