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6 years ago#1
Anybody have any cool theme decks, such as a Thunder-themed deck, a Lingering Sentiment themed deck, a Roxas themed deck or anyhing else, they want to post?
6 years ago#2
actually i have, a sora themed deck, a roxas themed deck, a riku themed deck, a treasure hunter deck
an ice themed deck, a fire themed deck, a lightning themed deck,

sora themed: ven
shoot lock ragnarok
finish: crazy hours

slot 1 and 2 ars arcanum
slot 3 sonic rave
slot 4 curaga
slot 5 vanish/stopga/break time
slot 6-8 trinity limit

note; based on my memories of kh1, as i lost my copy of kh1 long ago ;~;

roxas themed: ven
shoot lock : multi vortex
slot 1-2 holy
slot 3-4 holy strike
slot 5-6 curaga
slot 7 break time(if i have the time to make it. supposedly need curaga + restore guard)
slot 8 joy/delight

riku themed: Terra
finish: Random End
shoot lock: dark volley
slot 1: dark firaga
slot 2+3: chaos rave
slot 4 taunt
slot 5 Curaga
slot 6 dark haze
slot 7 magnet crash
slot 8 magnet spiral

treasure hunter themed: any
finish suprise 2
shoot lock: meteor shower (cleanup or incase anything goes wrong, )
slot 1, 3, 5, stopga
slot 2, 4, 6, slot blade or treasure raid
7 + 8 curaga, or aqua
s special magnets

fire themed: aqua
shootlock: rangnarok or lighning ray
2-3 firaga burst
4 triple firaga
5 triple firaga
6-7 mega flare
8 curaga
note any fire skill's replacable for vanish/curaga

lightning themed: aqua
shootlock lightning ray/meteor shower
finisher: teleport blast
1. joy/delight
2. thundaga
3. thundaga
4. thundaga shot
5. thundaga shot
6. magnega
7. magnega
8. curaga
note; any 1 of these can be replaced with detonate square for a d. square/magnet combo

why joy/delight in everything? cool pose + bonus exp/cp/finisher exp i also
used a guide to ensure that the attacks did heavy damage :P
y'know? w/ the fire/thunder/blizzard boost x5, attack/magic haste x5, damage aspir
combo/last live etc..
6 years ago#3
slot 7 break time(if i have the time to make it. supposedly need curaga + restore guard)

You can make break time?
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6 years ago#4
supposedly so... i picked up a guide from this board that has break time as a
command charge:

(terra + ven)breaktime = curaga + restore guard
(aqua)break time= curaga + restore barrier both are rare charges...
possible ablities; cure boos, reload boost, last live, combo plus, defender, draw,
and luck boost but i say possibly as i'm not sure if it's real or not. '~'
6 years ago#5
6 years ago#6
I've done Fire Theme with Aqua.

1 - Fire Blitz
2 - Triple Firaga
3 - Magnega
4/5 - Firaga Burst
6/7 - Raging Storm
8 - Curaga
Shoot Lock: Meteor Shower
Finish: Heat Slash, I think was the name. Don't care enough to check.

No Megaflare, since I only use that when I'm grinding levels.

Also, about the Break Time. You can charge it like said above, or, instead of the Restore commands, you can also use Charge Guard/Barrier (still rare, but different abilities when it's made).

Another theme I've done is Ice Cream. Each slot is one of the 7 available ice creams, then Curaga at the end. Otherwise, it's just been element-themed. Like Terra with Brutal Blast, Meteor, Quake, Meteor Burst, Curaga.

Though now I'm kind of interested in trying to make a series of Organization 13 decks.
6 years ago#7
Terra Final Boss Deck

Command Deck:
Solo Arcanum
Dark Haze

Shoot Lock: Ultima Cannon

I am Bass GS the sword of extinction.
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6 years ago#8
Anti urn deck

Magnega x8
I am Bass GS the sword of extinction.
Hey, how could we possibly ever survive without CAPTAIN JUSTICE?!?!

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