Why is the bad guy (spoilers?)

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Maybe Sora and Riku have vitiligo.
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Maybe skin doesn't matter.
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From: Aputi | #032
Maybe skin doesn't matter.

Maybe you don't matter.
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Not a very good observation seeing as the bad guy are essentially the same dark-skined entity in both major titles.
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From: mioshin | #033
Maybe you don't matter.

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because if Sora was dark, AND wore a chain, and can jump high, and wears baggy shorts, and is unemployed, and is lazy bum, and has big feet, and can't use a computer correctly, and likes Kairi (a "white" girl), AND is part of a gang (Keyblade Warriors anyone?) it would be racist.
Um, kinda too much win for me. :D
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Ansem the Wise. (as DiZ) although the skin darkening did fade when he took off his bandages, so it could have just been part of his disguise. his eyes did turn yellow/gold, though.
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Because the game is made by japanese people.
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Great this topic is still open. I tried to post it in yesterday but my account is set to "warned," i couldnt post until just now.

*********SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS**************
(making sure its as clear as possible.)

Didnt ansem the wise say that its what darkness does? Its when you envelope yourself in darkness, right? Just using it like riku does isnt enough to change you like it did to ansem the wise. Plus, contrary to what riku say's, CoM confirmed that riku never actually fully embraced the darkness, he was afraid of it. I believe in one of ansem's reports he said something along the lines of this:
"After obtaining my new powers, my appearance changed to help decieve xehanort."
Braig's eyes changed golden/yellow when he embraced the darkness and joined MX. Ansem the wise's eyes did aswell. In KH2 xigbar's skin even seems to be a little darker(if only enough to notice).

I guess in closing: You have to completely embrace the darkness in order for it to morph your physical characteristics. Atleast its implied that way.

***********END SPOILERS*************

Sick of being modded, which is why i have such huge spoiler warnings now. Go ahead and pick away at my post like the buzzards you are. XD
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Basically all the Xehanorts have darks skin and yellow eyes because they are Xehanorts (won't go into further detail in case of spoilers). Notice how the only characters yellow eyes also have pointed ears(Braig and Saix) a sign of being "touched" by Xehanort. As for the heartless, well that's just how they are.

Riku is a pale boy, which doesn't make sense as KMA pointed out, who has blue eyes. The only time he gets dark skin and yellow eyes is when he taps into Ansem's power changing his form to Rikunort. The change wasn't because he was using dark powers, it was the fact that he was unlwashing the power in his heart. Had he been using Kairi's power..... well LOL.

To wrap this up

Sora is fairly tan in KH2. So those memory pods double as tanning salons.
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