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4 years ago#1
My bro gave me 80 bucks for my birthday last week. I don't wanna waste it on a possible crap game.
Final Fantasy Fan15
4 years ago#2
Well, since the game is split into 3 characters you'll eventually feel like "Ugh, doing this again..." but each character does have their stages set up specifically for them, like areas that only that character will see in each of the worlds. In that respect it actually is really well done.

KH2's level design was pitiful compared to KH1. While BBS isn't anywhere near as good as 1, you can see thought put into levels again (I don't mean backgrounds or graphics, I mean like platforming and exploration and hidden goodies). With that said, some of the worlds feel a little dry visually... but then you'll see another part of it on another character that ends up being really interesting.

The mini games in this are awesome! and plentiful, too.

The skill setup and development is really cool, but without a guide you'd be lost as far as skill fusion is concerned. If there was one thing that KH RE: CoM did really well it was make you feel super powerful. BBS does this without a /complete/ card system. Like, blasting down an entire army of enemies with a Mega Flare... great stuff. The limit breaks or whatever they're called (been a while) you go into also make your moves flashy and you'll feel super empowered. Shot locks are just evilly devastating to all but super bosses. What I'm saying is, the core gameplay is super fun and very flashy and it just works.

The story for the most part resembles KH2's mechanic: start with some story, have a bunch of nonsense in every world, and then shoot you down a vertical drop roller coaster ride at the final stage that blasts you with so much awesome that you really end up forgetting everything about the game except for those parts. The only exception to this I think is Terra's story, which is by far the best in content and the best pulled off throughout the campaign.

Yes, this game is worth getting.
4 years ago#3
This is one of the top 10 best PSP games. Top 3 in my opinion, but I doubt too many people would agree with top 10.
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4 years ago#4
kewldude475 posted...
This is one of the top 10 best PSP games. Top 3 in my opinion, but I doubt too many people would agree with top 10.

I agree with that. :D
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4 years ago#5
Is Squall in this? lol
Final Fantasy Fan15
4 years ago#6
finlfantsyfan15 posted...
Is Squall in this? lol

No. Do you want me to tell you which FF character is?
4 years ago#7
Yeah. I think Squall is what first attracted me to KH lol
Final Fantasy Fan15
4 years ago#8
Zack from FF7:CC is the only FF character in this game...but really, playing KH for FF characters is pretty silly, as their role is always tiny.
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4 years ago#9
I see... Now I'm going to have to watch a few gameplay videos to check it out
Final Fantasy Fan15
4 years ago#10
This game is amazing. Easily my favorite PSP game. Great story, awesome gameplay. Although I would not recommend playing it if you haven't played the other games in the series. The story will make no sense.
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