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User Info: balmung_15

3 years ago#1
anyone play this online anymore?i finally got the online to work after so long and decided with kh3 coming out i want to beat this and would like to enjoy it with other players .I'm online if anyone want to join in.My channel is set to automatic

User Info: balmung_15

3 years ago#2
anyone who wants to play threw the ps3 wired connection let me know psn is azureskybalmung1
(message deleted)

User Info: PrOdIgYY-Life

3 years ago#4
I'll play! finally, someone playing this game too! really tired of playig myself so let me know and i'll play

User Info: Andy525

3 years ago#5
i;m in too. AndilX7 is my PSN

I never played online so I'm very looking forward to :D
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User Info: TaijutsuJoshua

3 years ago#6
Add me as well! PSN in the sig.
PSN: Xyler_Stone09
3DS FC: 4871-3749-9558

User Info: Upyers

3 years ago#7
in sig
PSN: Upyers 3DS FC: 3411-0787-8191 My top 5 Game Series FF, KH, GoW, Skylanders, Tekken

User Info: Assassin3123

3 years ago#8
Yea I need people to play with too, psn is Conviction3123

User Info: SohiSotari

3 years ago#9
I'm online too if anyone wants to play. Only level 15 right now though.

User Info: gochicken

3 years ago#10
Is anyone still playing? I'd like to beat Keepers of the Arena and I'm having some difficulty, if anyone wants to give me a hand. My PSN is gopalchicken.
Platinum FC: 4383 9587 5166

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