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Is it just me or... (Archived)jerralmw66/9/2008
I have discovered the secret of Ven and Roxas (Archived)SSJ4_gogetto_776/9/2008
Just thinking out loud... (Archived)gotryce2256/9/2008
on a slight note (minor spoilers) (Archived)twilitalchemist76/9/2008
So I hear that Ven is (spoilers) (Archived)HolyKum46/9/2008
Theory: Aqua is not the third scenario (Archived)Echo73846/9/2008
All right, I haven't done anything KH related in a while. Explain everything! (Archived)BlitzThunder36/8/2008
is the old dude (spoilers) (Archived)
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Short Game (Archived)ShadowLink9999936/8/2008
what if (Archived)metroidmushroom66/8/2008
So anyone know what they're saying in the leaked trailer? (Archived)ShadowTheHHFan96/8/2008
Proof that Ven = Roxas from another dimension (Archived)
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Still TBA huh... (Archived)
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ok i know you are all tired of the theory threads but... (Archived)WEBHEAAD26/8/2008
anyone else besides me... (Archived)
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im just curious... (Archived)Halestorm20256/8/2008
What if Old Xehanort vs. Riku/Sora instead of... (Archived)
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Worlds that will not be in this game. (Archived)
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SaWa that Dude236/8/2008
If Kingdom Hearts Coded does officially get suspended... (Archived)
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Ven wants to be erased =/ (Archived)
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