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Is espinas in this?

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8 years ago#1
8 years ago#2
no one knows
8 years ago#3
info points to no
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8 years ago#4
they may just add it in as an "extra" last boss...

Even in MHF Espinas can only be accessed with HR 100...

So... might be the "New" Akantorum/Miraboreas/something similar.
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8 years ago#5
Actually, there is an Espinas from HR31~ too.

There hasn't been any info either way, but personally I'm inclined to believe he is in (though a large part of that if wishful thinking ^-^). The main reason they wouldn't reveal it yet is because he is the big draw in the lastest Frontier update - in a month or two another MHF update will be getting close and it won't hurt so much if everyone knows Espinis can also be played on PSP.

Like I said, though, mainly wishful thinking on my part ^-^ I doubt I'll ever play MHF but I'd love a chance to fight him. They are bound to add more new monsters in upcoming big MHF updates, too, (although likely the new monsters from 2ndG to start with).
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8 years ago#6
so basicly we give them the black panther(cant spell his name) and we get hypnoc,volganos, and yama thats a good deal
8 years ago#7
I don't care about Hypnoc. Its just some sleep attributed YKK. Yama is meh......
8 years ago#8
Another YKK isn't to appealing to me, either, but having seen a few videos it looks pretty different.

As for Yama, as I said in my other info topic, supposedly it is going to be quite different (and fingers crossed challenging) from what it was in Dos.

But yeah, even with the changes we know - two swapped crabs, green Babakonga, black version of Tigrex, Hypnoc and Volganos - that's quite a lot of new fodder. Add to this potentially the swapped versions of Hypnoc and Volganos + Epsinas + large insect thing? + anything else new = a lot more stuff. Beats out MHG -> P easily enough, anyway ^-^
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8 years ago#9
if anyone wants to see it i have a website that has some hypnoc and volganos armor and weapons just ask
8 years ago#10
espinas could come as a download quest

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