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game this

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8 years ago#1
wen is it gonna come out
I like pie-apple is best =P
8 years ago#2
March 27th in Japan, mabey never in the U.S
8 years ago#3
March 27th, 2008 in Japan. (7days) ^^
8 years ago#4
March 27th in Japan, it will come out in the U.S

i has a forcefield
8 years ago#5
I did not know that, sorry
8 years ago#6
hows this coming out in north america? wheres your source? its not even TBA yet
8 years ago#7
im only hoping
i has a forcefield
8 years ago#8
March 27th in Japan, maybe never in the U.S
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8 years ago#9
were actually desperatly trying to get the game to america if you want to help go to

just register and vote
i has a forcefield

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