Black Phalanges - Hr 9

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7 years ago#1
Would it be a safer idea to lance these guys with g rank armor(possibly silver sol Z to give guard+1 )? I tried high rank haku set against black diablos, but got killed in one hit. Or is running around in circles with a hammer the better option(need some getting used to some of his new attacks). Also as much as i love those HBG videos i just down right suck with bow guns XD.
MHU~Favorite Weapon - Hammer/GS
7 years ago#2
well HBG is one of the fastest ways to kill him (and require excellent dodging)... Hammer is alright, works fine for me

i've personally tried Lance/GL vs Blos and i never really found openings to just blow the **** out of him =/

SnS is a nice mobile way of fighting him, not too bad. LS is the same basically
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7 years ago#3
So sns can actually bring him down XD? Gonna try it and see if it works for me =).
MHU~Favorite Weapon - Hammer/GS
7 years ago#4
yea, SnS takes a bit but it's mobile and is easy to escape with
XBL GT: XRagnarokRiderX
Now Playing: MHFU, SSBB, CoD4, and RB2
7 years ago#5
try the barrage / conga / nargax / nargax / nargax - weapon yama hbg on the guide here works for me took me about 3hours practice using heroics but i beat my personal record! my best record for this is 11:49 not as fast as this guy though :

link to guide
7 years ago#6

Black Phalanges Hammer Guide. :P
With prime equips , should take around 16-25min. ^_^ MH2G [HR9]
PoPoLord of Revived Shakalaka Clan. MHFU [HR9]
7 years ago#7
Thanks guys. This is all good stuff.
MHU~Favorite Weapon - Hammer/GS

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