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Need better armour. Currently useing kirin

#1PhoenixHunter89Posted 8/4/2012 10:30:36 AM
So yeah I am struggling against the higher ranked monsters. My nearly maxed out kirin armour justa isn't going to cut it. The last thing I killed was the khezu on Nekhots quest list. Any recommendations for what armour I should aim for next? I am ls user I can use ds, gl, gs sns, lance, and im working on the bow.
#2Flameman747Posted 8/4/2012 10:38:24 AM
Are you using high rank or low rank kirin armor?
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#3InfernalLurkerPosted 8/4/2012 10:38:27 AM
If you are a LS user, you are probably mainly struggling because of your current LS.

Anyway, armor wise you'll probably need to pick up the go-to Ceanatuar S set.
Leveling up jobs is a means to an end. It isn't content.
#4PhoenixHunter89(Topic Creator)Posted 8/4/2012 10:49:36 AM
I think its low rank. It served me well against quite a few monsters especially the khezu high rank.
#5eragonman9Posted 8/4/2012 10:51:51 AM
Rathalos Soul with Garuga Mask is what I mostly use for beginning high quests.

Either that, or Cenatuar.
#6Flameman747Posted 8/4/2012 10:54:05 AM
PhoenixHunter89 posted...
I think its low rank. It served me well against quite a few monsters especially the khezu high rank.

I'd reccommend that you upgrade to Cean S like the previous poster suggested. Also, what weapon are you using?
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#7PhoenixHunter89(Topic Creator)Posted 8/5/2012 2:09:32 AM
A variety of longswords. The saber, devil slicer, blangoga destroyer, tormentor. I have others too but they are weaker im a collector.
#8InfernalLurkerPosted 8/5/2012 11:48:34 AM(edited)
Looks like someone hasn't gotten to grips with sword sharpness levels yet.

You need to get out of the green and look to something higher. I mean sure, blue is fine, but you need to strive for white (with Ceanatuar S to make it purple).

First order of business: Build your Cean S armor. Now.

Second: Upgrade your swords. Upgrade that Devil Slicer to True Devil Slicer. Also personally I would make a Great Hornfly Saber as it will be stronger than TDS on non thunder weakness monsters. Actually you should make GHS first and make TDS upgrade optional.

The GHS or TDS can carry you through to 9* in which you need to make yourself a Hidden Saber which is the strongest LS in high rank for the final bit of high rank missions and/or farming in there. Otherwise if you want to take your time, when you hit 8* gather and make either an icesteel blade or Daito Wolf as it will be around 1300 damage with white sharpness (Cean S armor). Then take that to 9* and make a Hidden Saber.

To recap:

NOW Make Cean S armor. Wear this until G-Rank.

7* (which I'm assuming you are in right now) Make Great Hornfly Saber. Optional: True Devil Slicer. If you do make the TDS, use TDS only on monsters weak to Thunder.

8* Optional but recommended: Make Icesteel Blade or Daito Wolf. But I'd recommend making at least the Daito Wolf as it is easy to make in which the DW will be your main LS to 9* (you can still use TDS on monsters weak to Thunder but its not necessary).

9* Make Hidden Saber. Use only the Hidden Saber until you replace it when you hit G rank.

On to G rank!

Truthfully there are a few LSs you can make for fighting specific monsters, but I skipped all that for simplicity's sake.
Leveling up jobs is a means to an end. It isn't content.
#9PhoenixHunter89(Topic Creator)Posted 8/5/2012 4:42:30 PM
Im on white mono and normal mono urgent. So cant quite get true devil slicer just yet. Once I get some better sharpness the better.
#10SasquatchimoPosted 8/5/2012 5:13:05 PM
You should be able to get your hands on carbalite ore right now if that is what is stopping you from making a TDS.

And wearing Cean S armor will increase most of your weapon sharpness to + one level. I personally gemmed my armor Cean S armor for sword sharpener and RA +1. But also changed things around for certain monsters like quake resistance on shen.
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