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Need help deciding on a weapon (Archived)
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itachi00137/17 7:34PM
What are the misspelled monster names, this board sometimes uses? (Archived)
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Cagesry237/17 7:08AM
who's playing on vita? (Archived)
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TMG_HobbitKing227/16 9:05PM
iOS Monster Hunter Chat! (Archived)Xemnous27/14 3:13PM
in order to unlock The Final invitation... (Archived)CronosZX27/12 1:07PM
Elder dragon offline/online progress (Archived)tanarri6947/10 12:59PM
2014 Xlink Kai w/ PSVita (Archived)papaTONE27/10 1:23AM
MHFU confirmed for a worldwide release on iOS (Archived)
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Psience427/9 11:36AM
Anyone getting this for ios? I wanna try some multiplayer (Archived)A_Brown_Man_Can57/6 10:05AM
Need tips on weapons/armor suggestion for Hammer user (Archived)itachi0037/6 12:33AM
Mhp2g (jap ver) (Archived)itachi0027/5 11:05PM
There's an iOS version in Japan? (Archived)PhoenixWroggi67/5 11:27AM
MHFU - Shen Gaoren Ballista trick (confirmation request) - No troll please ! (Archived)
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OutteBill137/5 5:39AM
..i've got a question... (Archived)versuslucis47/3 9:43PM
Unlocking Fatalis (Archived)
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settsdevil256/30 3:16AM
Have not played in a year need help!!! (Archived)Wolfzer36/30 1:58AM
Im new and dont know what to do next (Archived)itachi0076/30 12:01AM
Quick Question (Archived)EnvoyOfDeath86/29 9:16PM
Soloing game with Sword and Shield (Archived)
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Kazagin_156/29 5:13PM
Athena's ass. (Archived)SaltyDan1576/29 12:38PM