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What is the best way to stream this game on twitch? Streamer/Viewer (Archived)AshtarHD88/3 4:20PM
Is there an app for mhfu or mhp2g for smartphones? (Archived)
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itachi00148/3 9:37AM
Need help on shen gaoren elder village quest (Archived)
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itachi00128/3 6:25AM
Anyone playing on coldbird? (Archived)pyro_bunta28/3 1:59AM
Need hammer tips for beginner (Archived)itachi0048/2 12:10PM
Xlink kai MHP2g (Archived)itachi0018/1 9:48PM
Do you think evade skill is cheating? (Archived)
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lim12341318/1 7:33AM
Just started playing this game on my Vita again :) (Archived)
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ninebreaker47128/1 7:31AM
Data transfer? (Archived)LethalLala107/31 11:15PM
Ceanataur claw breaks (Archived)chronogod7777/31 3:15PM
Attn: Mazereon (Archived)
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awesomesauce13427/31 2:36AM
Well that sure was the most amusing Gravios fight (Archived)Kazagin_27/29 7:57PM
HBGing Lao village quest... (Archived)FIDOISHERE37/29 5:50PM
Need some tips killing the the early Tigrex (Archived)
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pyro_bunta127/29 5:42PM
Weapons to do the fastest hr9 run. (Archived)haej197/29 3:39AM
spent 3 hours trying to clear the first mission in the game (Archived)metaIslug107/29 12:13AM
Hbg question. Need advice (Archived)
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itachi00297/28 4:03AM
Light Bowgun question (Archived)dracomaner37/27 11:37AM
MHP2g adhoc party im now playing (Archived)itachi0017/27 12:39AM
How do I unlock HR 6 Fatalis? (Archived)
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Earl_Sweat1117/26 6:23PM