What are the default control/buttons for ps2 controller?

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7 years ago#1
Please help...
7 years ago#2
You mean the setup that it "creates" by default when you plug the controller in? I honestly have no idea what it gives you; Why not just create your own so you know exactly what everything is? IIRC, the default setting left-out some pretty important buttons; and put others in a VERY awkward placement.

Sorry I can't answer your question; But if you want, I can post the configuration I'm using. I configured my controller myself to get the "most important" buttons in a comfortable/usable placement.
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7 years ago#3
Yes I agree with you, i asked this question because I feel little strange with the default controls from the game. The throttle button is set to "button 13", in fact, there are only 12 button in ps2 controller.. I think i have to find out myself the most comfortable setting for me.
Anyway, thanks for answering :)
7 years ago#4
Yeah, I don't know where it comes up with the schemes it does for "generic" or not "officially supported" controllers, seems kind random XD. I usually configure my controllers myself in games anyway; It's more of a personal comfort thing than anything...

If it helps you get started, here's the config. I'm using with my PS2 controller:
R2: Thrust
L2: Brake
L1: Yaw Left
R1: Yaw Right
X: Vulcan Cannon (Guns)
O: Fire Weapon
/\: Change Target/Zoom
[_]: Change View/Camera control
START: Radar/Tacmap toggle
SELECT: Assistance On/Off
Square+Right Analog: Rotate Camera
R3: Flares
Left Analog: Pitch/Roll
D-Pad UP: Cycle Weapon Up
D-Pad Down: Cycle Weapon Down
D-Pad Right: Wingman Attack
D-Pad Left: Wingman Defend

Obviously your preference will most likely vary from mine, but at least it's a starting point. Good luck! :P
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7 years ago#5
That's really help...
Thanks! :)
7 years ago#6
awesome layout! takes a ton of time out of the trial and error process!
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