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8 years ago#1
There is a trainer on but you are supposed to get premium membership to download it. Does anyone know if this is a real working trainer, or just some fake to make you register for nothing. Or better, does anyone already has a functional trainer for the game?
8 years ago#2
Yes, the trainer on cheathappens works (I've got it). I got it to test the different wargears so I haven't tried all functions but those I have tried seem to work fine.
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8 years ago#3
Is it legal to ask you to upload it to rapidshare? :D If so, can you please do it?
8 years ago#4
Each trainer is coded to the specific user and if they find it available outside of the site, they terminate your account
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8 years ago#5
So basically this would mean that the program is compiled for each user in particular before downloading. Wow, more security measures in this trainer than in the entire Windows Vista :))
8 years ago#6
I also have the trainer and everything works fine, including on the Steam version of the game. I won't upload it anywhere as I've seen too many people lose their accounts over it. I've also seen people lose their Gamespot/GameFaqs accounts for posting links as it's copyrighted material. Those guys release like 50 new trainers and updates a month, so I would encourage anyone to get a membership.. it's worth it and definitely not some sort of scam.
8 years ago#7
Indeed, it's worth it if you use trainers (which I must admit I do every now and then). Also, as previously posted, the trainer is still restricted to paying members on cheathappens and coded so they can see who leaked it. It'll be made public 15th April if you can't/don't want to pay online.

Now I'm just waiting for the army editor function from their DC trainer. A Dark Eldar lord with a retinue of 15 Incubii should rock :P
»Those who do not remember the pasta are doomed to reheat it«
8 years ago#8
looks like they just added the option you were looking for.... MEGA ARMY ... let's you steal and combine technology from any/all races with your own... very much fun! :)
8 years ago#9
another confirmation of the trainer working fine on my game. fyi
8 years ago#10
If you need any more proof that the trainer works fine, they posted a video of it on youtube:

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