Unofficial Baby Pals Fan Club!

#1waggsPosted 4/11/2008 8:41:44 PM
No, I'm just kidding. There's no fan club. In fact, as I type this, approximately six months after the release of this game, this thread I just started is the only one here. There is not, apparently, wide spread mania over the wait for Baby-Pals 2: Potty Pals

In all seriousness though, I thought this game looked interesting. I was wondering if it was fun "nintendogs" kind of game. But there's no review, and apparently, no one ever played this game. Oh well.
#2BringerLSPosted 4/16/2008 10:39:26 PM
I got it and I actually enjoy it. Might be strange though I am a twenty year old male BUT I guess I have a nurturing nature. it is a pretty good game. I mean it pales in comparison to taking care of a real baby obviously. Real babies are a lot more messy and much harder to please but this game does a good job.