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Collectors edition coming soon!Kevageit59/30 10:42AM
Can't give George the dumbbell. (Archived)Onoderas17/2 2:42PM
How do I access my DLCs (suits and houses)? (Archived)investor26/21 7:26AM
I sold my physical copy of this game a while back & recently got digital (Archived)Copy_X_Mk_ll55/28 7:21PM
Anyone have a perfected save? (Archived)Nemoinis44/4 7:48PM
Save File Episode 1 or 2 (Archived)FrankBlack1013/21 3:29PM
i love this game so much that... (Archived)IAmCaptPlanet43/21 2:21PM
Is the 11GB digital install some form of joke? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DarkMaya6133/20 4:49PM
f*** THESE DEPRESSING ENDINGS (spoilers) (Archived)Skull007o_O33/20 9:57AM
Ten things I learned playing Deadly Premonition (spoilers). (Archived)Neo_Sarevok23/10 11:11AM
I'd forgotten what a steaming pile of trash this game is. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
singhellotaku133/3 7:01AM
key 5 ( or was it 6? ) stuck in material room (Archived)CakeSpear22/17 7:18AM
Omg, don't EVER replay chp 12 for sidequests. (Archived)Valnor5022/17 7:13AM
The fishing minigame... (Archived)biggs0332/2 2:40AM
How I got Deadly Premonition to work with decent fps. (Hint: Involves an SSD) (Archived)Neo_Sarevok11/30 12:20AM
Graphically this game does something no other game i can think of does (Archived)singhellotaku31/28 11:56PM
Trouble with card #35 at the hospital (Archived)Yufflez21/17 9:14AM
glitch prevents me from finishing (Archived)thryce351/17 8:01AM
Is this a Glitch? (Archived)Redmacabre31/15 2:35AM
Cold Pot 4 Bugged? (Archived)Lentrosity21/12 6:25AM
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