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User Info: Jdaking

8 years ago#1
Can you name them and what they give you and also what they cost

User Info: Sarutobi_M

8 years ago#2

November 8th 2008 - Shi-zune + PJ Naruto

December 4th 2008 - Asuma + ??? (costum, if they have one)

December 18th 2008 - Kurenai + ???

January 8th 2009 - Anko + ???

January 22nd 2009 - Jirobo + ???

Febuary 5th 2009 - Kidou + ???

Febuary 19th 2009 - Tayuya + ???

March 5th 2009 - Sakon + ???

Not sure about these:

1st Hokage April 2009

2nd Hokage April 2009

User Info: Foxx85

8 years ago#3
WHAT ABOUT EUROPE? Post? The packs in us store do not function in europe:(

User Info: SymphonicRain

8 years ago#4
UK PSN has it. Has had it since it came out.
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User Info: SuperGotenks

8 years ago#5
November 6, 2008: Character: Shi-zune: Mission: Aim for Higher Goals.
December 4, 2008: Character: Asuma: Mission: Intense hide-and-seek battle.
December 18, 2008: Character: Kurenai: Mission: Inuzuka clan's challenge.
January 8, 2009: Character: Anko: Mission: Grand order to capture Jiraiya.
January 22, 2009: Character: Jirobo: Mission: The three siblings' evaluation.
February 5, 2009: Character: Kidoumaru: Mission: The Hidden Sand challenges again.
February 19, 2009: Character: Tayuya: Mission: A new squad is formed.
March 5, 2009: Character: Sakon: Mission: Desperate successive battles.
April 2, 2009: Character: The First Hokage: Mission: Overflowing dangerous power.
April 2, 2009: Character: The Second Hokage: Mission: Surpass your predecessors.
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User Info: Jdaking

8 years ago#6
do you get an alternate costume

User Info: Gundam Fan

Gundam Fan
8 years ago#7
I don't think there is any confirmation on more costumes at the moment.
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User Info: Pachaco12

8 years ago#8
Where did you get the mission names from?

User Info: apeezy

8 years ago#9
IGN posted these awhile ago.
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User Info: Foxx85

8 years ago#10
They aint on eu store,tell me were?I always check add-ons ,nothing on naruto there..

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