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7 years ago#1
WOW unbelievable, I have the very last earth part to take over, which is brazil, and suddenly the next turn says i lost because something happened with glemy and the other axis soilders.... can someone explain to me whats wrong??? i only made one save..... i dont want to play it again.....

Sudden lost... I have soilders in main base, so its not a surprise attack...
7 years ago#2
You're losing because you let Gremmy seize control of Axis. Not the physical territory, but the government.

According to the wiki, you just got a report about the Argama's plan to attack Axis. You're given a choice to dispatch Gremmy to defend it. You chose yes. Since your alignment is less than 800, you lose the next turn.

Unless you can go back and change your choice, you're screwed.
"I think commas are a tool of oppression." - Gabe, Penny Arcade
7 years ago#3
wow im screwed. so i suppose if i do play it all over agian, i have to make sure i answer no for that part? and thanks for the help!
7 years ago#4
According to the wiki (, the only other way to avoid it is a bit complicated. It's probably simpler to just say yes.
"I think commas are a tool of oppression." - Gabe, Penny Arcade
7 years ago#5
Thanks Cow of Doom, it really helped =). One last request =P could you give me the wiki event line for jamitov's titans and earth fed? thanks in advance.

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