Any know what the "special operations" do?

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  3. Any know what the "special operations" do?
7 years ago#1
Hi everyone, I'm playing through the EF now and I was wondering if anyone had any translations for the special operations menu you can choose each strategy phase. For example, I know the first one costs around 15000 credits, and is a speech you can give to raise morale (or increase law alignment?)

There are a bunch of others though, that reappear every turn, and don't cost any money or resources, but they do have a (+ two or three kanji) effect, and I imagine they must have a law/chaos effect, but I don't know enough Japanese to know exactly what.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out
7 years ago#2
The alignment-related special operations (new for Threat of Axis) are covered in the small Translation Guide (it's the only FAQ on this site for Threat of Axis at present.) For special operations that were present in earlier games, see the PS1/DC Giren no Yabou FAQs on this site.
7 years ago#3
thanks biolord - I was wondering if you could help me out with one more thing

Usually when I produce units at a base, they'll either say 1T or 2T and then once they're done being built I can immediately use them. However one turn after I produced all this stuff they just sat there in the production queue with a 0T, but I couldn't deploy them either that turn or the next!

Is there a set number of units I can have at one base or overall? Do you know what that number might be, or is something else causing it?

Also, a MASSIVE zeon fleet attacked Luna 2 right before the white base left Side 7 and it was taken over before white base even got there. Is there any way to prevent Luna 2 from being invaded before the tv events start?

7 years ago#4
There's a unit limit of 200. You won't get the units in the queue until your number of units drops below 200. There's not a limit of units on each location, just total.

You should be taking over space around Luna 2 early and/or keeping a good deterrent at Luna 2. You can do this with your initial battleships and a bunch of Sabrefish fighters. The other fighters before you get the Core Booster are not very useful. Try to wear down smaller groups of Zeon space units early so they don't have a big fleet to attack you later. Use the "5-turn peace" period to attack with large fleets without needing to defend any territory. A good group of battleships and fighters with lots of Minovsky particles can be pretty effective early in the campaign. Watch out for aces in Zakus and Gwazines though...

As a last-ditch technique, you can reload an earlier turn and attack the locations you will be attacked from. There's a good chance you will stop the invasion. You can attack with a small force and have your units stall or retreat.
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  3. Any know what the "special operations" do?

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