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5 years ago#1
hello, i'm a newbie around here, got the game and am enjoying it, read some threads here to help and found the wiki and all that tho i do have some questions if i may

1- how do i accumulate a nice income? i usually end up having problem with funding my research, spying and manufacturing suits at mid-game [around turn 35+]

2- also how can i make use of the 'events' ? here's the link i'm currently using for my zeon game:

tho i ended up at one point messing up here and there, i almost always end up losing my resources in wild attempts to take over the earth when i try to accomplish the missions, i manage to take two factories on earth but then problems arise

3- also i noticed that in almost all the games i started, there's a united called "rush bort" in the gallary, i start with about 4-6 of them whenever i play but i don't know what's their use, i always end up dismantling them for the resources, are they useful? also, are the supply ships useful? i mean, do they have a special effect? should i bother to manufacture them and bring them with me to combat?

thanks in advance
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5 years ago#2
also, sorry for the double post but i have another question

if i use the 'unlockable factions' like casval's newzeon, and sirocco's [sp?] titans, what do event tree should in the site i posted earlier should i go after?

for sirocco i'm assuming it's titans, but which part do they start at?

and what's the one for casval, and for char's neo zeon?
PSN: devil_prince11
5 years ago#3
Are you playing this version or are you playing Axis no Kyoui V?

The unlockable factions follow none of the trees. They are all stand alone scenarios that have "player faction" vs 2 other factions at the same time and only having a single yes/no event at turn 50

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