File Corruption

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User Info: Dakota82388

4 years ago#1
So my game froze during the first part of a mission, during a movie while it loads or whatnot (where you can't skip just yet) went to restart my game and FILE CORRUPTED!!!. Sucks big time. Now I have to start everything over.

Posting because I'm curios to see if it's happened to anyone else.

User Info: Mister Twit

Mister Twit
4 years ago#2
Yeah just happened to me, right after the first cutscene with the Saint leader plays, locked up at the exact same time as it was trying to auto-save, and bye bye savegame. Swell.

User Info: AbrasaxZero

4 years ago#3
I also just had it happen, same thing; froze during a start cutscene, reloaded and file was corrupt. Lost everything, even had to set up the dlc gun unlocks again.

I have been really lucky with other games thus far on the 360, this is the first one I've had some problems that others are experiencing. Guess I get to see how the other side lives with this one.

I may put it aside for a while until they patch the problem. Sadly I was quite enjoying it so far too.

User Info: wwervin

4 years ago#4
Noticed my game froze too very randomly. I have no idea if the file was corrupted as I had to turn my Xbox off and didn't bother to turn it back on. I'll check tomorrow but this is really quite an annoyance. At least I wasn't that far into the story but still it's annoying having to restart everything over again. I wonder if they'll address this issue.

User Info: Mister Twit

Mister Twit
4 years ago#5
Right after my save was corrupted I got a message that new DLC was available under the safe house unlocks. I wonder if that had something to do with it.

User Info: thatguy136

4 years ago#6
This happend to you guys too?

User Info: TheGSK

4 years ago#7
ditto game froze all progress lost luckily i finished it earlier- but still IO needs to fix that crap.

User Info: algy24

4 years ago#8
Happened to me last night, mission 13, 95 challenges done!! not best pleased.

User Info: TheGSK

4 years ago#9
ok so im doin an easy playthrough to unlock all the levels up to fight night again. froze again and file corrupted F this crap, games goin back IO needs to burn in hell. nuffsaid

User Info: lolokoa

4 years ago#10
happen to me on very last level...... level D:
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