What's wrong with the disguise system and what are they changing about it?

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I don't see anything wrong with it, but I've read some "fans" aren't happy with it for some reason. It's more realistic this time which is an improvement in my opinion.

That's the problem with this game and the current generation of games. When you make a game too realistic it takes all the fun out of it. I don't want a game to be realistic, IT'S A VIDEO GAME, let me have fun.
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Thing is...it isn't realistic in the slightest despite people throwing around the term "realistic" lol. Getting immediately called out as an imposter from a mile away is utterly ridiculous....though if you only played on the enhanced difficulties I suppose you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about. And saying "well play on the easier difficulties inb4hardershouldbeharder...." there's a difference between legitimate challenge and cheap bs.
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The disguise/alert system doesn't even make sense this time around. Yeah, it might be slightly realistic for people to recognize a different face than they're use to and get suspicious. However how is walking hunched over hiding your face with your hand less suspicious than walking upright nonchalantly? It makes no sense.

There are other little things that don't make sense either. Like people can watch you walk up to a table or something and take items, like a statue and leave the area essentially stealing it. But if you're just crouching or leaning against the wall it is a death sentence in this topsy turvy world of Hitman Absolution.
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It's flawed when wearing a SWAT outfit, helmet, and mask, and every single cop can instantly spot you from several feet, or even entire rooms, away.
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