I understand that cops could tell I'm in disguise but the china town chefs?

#11ChisokaPosted 12/5/2012 5:08:51 PM
Ezsprinter posted...
I can understand everything but being recognized in the chipmunk costume and with a mask on by wades men.

If I did that in the middle of the shopping centre I'd get a few funny looks, but I very much doubt the police would try to arrest me.

The disguise mechanics are totally f**ked up in this game. Some cops even have x-ray telescopic vision!
#12JC_PhoenixPosted 12/5/2012 9:45:06 PM
CrazyFox609 posted...
A mysterious bald white man showing up halfway through dinner service.. Yeah.. totally unreasonable to them to be suspicious.

But shouldn't the people with the job of clearing, authorizing, and protecting people be more concerned with that?


Yeah, it's weird the whole: "Yooou not Asiaaaan!" thing.
Especially when it seems that any cook with more than 3 lines usually develops an american accent out of nowhere.
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never mind that, what about when you enter the nuclear silo thingy and you have one of those full body radiation suits on yet the other scientists can still spot you immediately?