"Operation Sledgehammer" and the Aries 24-7

#1RARuskPosted 12/18/2012 7:27:35 PM
A lot of people have been reporting problems in finding this weapon for Lost and Found. I managed to get it in my earlier playthroughs but didn't remember how. As I was taking notes for my upcoming guide I realized that I couldn't find it no matter how much I searched. I was playing the mission on Normal and I searched every nook and cranny. I mean, I got the weapon earlier but how did I do it?

Turns out that the weapon is only available if you play the game at the Professional difficulty modes (Hard, Expert, Purist). Why? Because there are extra Guards that don't appear on Easy or Normal. Turns out that one of these extra Guards at the "Hope Fair" has the weapon. Not very smart of IO Interactive.
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Any word about the notebook in Shaving Lenny? I'm also missing the TNT in Countdown and the book in Absolution. IGN's guide ain't no help.
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The Notebook in "Shaving Lenny" is glitched - it does not appear at all apparently. The TNT in "Countdown" is also glitched - there is one in the Helipad Storeroom that you are supposed to pick up but you can't (it only gives you the option to Hide if you are wearing a Guard Outfit). It is unclear if the patch will fix these problems.

As for the Book in "Absolution":

Where you start would be considered the south end of the area and the Exit Point is at the north side. The Book can be found in a pile of rocks on the upper section in the northeast corner.
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There are also people having problems with the "Angel of Death - Part 2" Challenge in the "Attack of the Saints" mission. I've been doing some research on it and some of the answers are all over the place. The general consensus is that, at least, you must kill all of the Saints and Agency Guards in all three areas without being seen.

And you can't use Checkpoint Restart either if you mess up - you will have to do the whole level again from scratch. The reason for this, based on what I have dug up, is when you do Checkpoint Restart all the people you have killed will be resurrected - even in the areas you have already gone through (nice design blunder there).

Tonight I did some dry runs learning how to get rid of the Guards in the first two areas without being seen while going after some of the other Challenges. When I got the hang of it then I did Part 1 then restarted the level and went after Part 2. After nearly an hour I managed to successfully complete the Challenge without messing up.

Part 3 requires that you kill all of the Saints with the Fiber Wire. However, you can kill the same one repeatedly to complete the Challenge. At the beginning Jennifer Paxton will come up to your ruined room. Hide in the Container until she passes then get out and Garrote her then do Checkpoint Restart after you see the notice on the top of the screen. Repeat six more times and the Challenge is complete.

In addition, I have done all of the other Challenges for this mission. There are only seven missions in which I have not completed all of the Challenges.
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Angel of Death Part 3: Kill all Saints with a signature kill(fiber wire, accident, poison, electrocution.

For Part 2, RARusk is correct, complete the entire level in 1 go, without restarting checkpoints, killing everything alive without being detected.
Make sure that if a body is discovered, you do not let the guy alert the other guards, some mention it screws it up.
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"AoD - Part 3" will allow you to kill the same Saint repeatedly. This is how I got mine - by killing Jennifer six times. But I did use the Fiber Wire each time and this counts as a Signature Kill.
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