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3 years ago#1
If anyone wants, VTWRD-3GGWK-W7TWD-F2J7Y-WR4XZ.
3 years ago#2
Someone already got this. Anyone have one I could have? I would love to add some life to this game! Not that it isn't great already....just dyin for a new level and dlc seems like a long shot.
3 years ago#3
i would like a sniper challenge code please. i didnt preorder the game and hopefully somebody got an extra one from the hitman trilogy they dont need. thanks.
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3 years ago#4

From HD trilogy.... First come first serve

I don't want it
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3 years ago#5
"Were here for a good time, not a long time." Colin McRae
3 years ago#6
Son of a b*tch.......could someone send me one for the luva......
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