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3 years ago#1
This is the only achievement that I need to get but none of my friends play this game. Would anyone be able invite me to a competition so I can gain this?
XBL GT Lawtie7
3 years ago#2
I guess I should bump my topic. I actually made one for people like you (and like how I was where someone helped me) offering me sending a contract to people who need someone to send a contract to them.

I'll send you a friend request later on and then I'll send you one of mine after you accept. - DVD updates, general movie related vlogs, etc.
3 years ago#3
Thanks! I will check back later.
XBL GT Lawtie7
3 years ago#4
Okay, I finally just sent you the friend request. I'll send you a contract later after you accept. - DVD updates, general movie related vlogs, etc.
3 years ago#5
For anyone else who's looking for the Contender achievement you don't need your friends don't even need to own the game in order to get it.

Create a Contract Competition > Send it to a random friend, and the achievement will pop. (I sent mine to a friend who hasn't played her 360 for at least a year now). The only achievement you need a friend who's played this for is the Partners in Crime achievement.
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