How long did this take to beat?

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User Info: kwarantine

3 years ago#1
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User Info: The_N8dog

3 years ago#2
Depends on if you are a completionist or not.
I am, so its taking me about a day per level to do absolutely everything as far as challenges. Mind you, I am a very meticulous player and never rush through a game anyways.

If you run and gun, you could beat it in a few days. - Just about the best video game site ever made!

User Info: kingbahamut83

3 years ago#3
I split my time between this and AC3 and skyrim. Got this at Christmas so I think I beat it about 2 months ago, but I need to go back and get the rest of the playstyles/disguises and contract stuff.
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User Info: lightfighter

3 years ago#4
My completion time was a lot longer because I was enjoying it so much, that I purposely took my time with each level.

User Info: TrulyEpicLawls

3 years ago#5
A few days or a week.
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User Info: R1KM4N

3 years ago#6
Took me 7 days to get every achievement. Total of about 30-40 hours.
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  3. How long did this take to beat?

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