I really wanted to like this game, but

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The lack of a map really kills it for me, making the game less about planning and more trial and error. Music is also definitely lacking and the disguise mechanic makes most of the levels play like a bad version of metal gear solid instead of a hitman game. Some levels are decent, such as the king of chinatown and chinese new year, but for every good stage they're about three crappy linear "avoid to guards levels". Hopefully the next installment will deliver an actual hitman game instead of a generic stealth game.
Man who hesitates is not only lost but also miles from next exit
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I agree with alot of that. In previous games, I always enjoyed walking around the map a bit to see what the enemies were up to before I sneaked in.

In Absolution's defense, I will say that the trial and error actually presents many equally good and viable options on how to navigate the levels. In previous titles, there were simply better ways of doing things than others, and so quite a few of the "choices" presented were only illusory and made for some bad screw-ups:

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Trial and error wouldn't be so bad if they kept the save system from the previous games instead of coming up with the stupid checkpoint based saves
Man who hesitates is not only lost but also miles from next exit
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I hear ya Punda. I just accept it for what it is...
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Just finished the game and started playing contracts and honestly, I think I prefer the story lines people provide in contracts to the main game plot! That aside it makes for a decent stealth game featuring hitman characters, and I'm sure if you were obsessed with suit only speed runs in the previous games you'll think absolution mana from heaven. But if you enjoyed the previous games for their open world, hiding in plain sight features, absolution is ok, but lacking
Man who hesitates is not only lost but also miles from next exit
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My main complaint is the corrupted save files :(