Planning on restarting this tonight...

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User Info: Estabon1

2 years ago#1
My first time, I played through the china town level before I couldn't take it any more. Now, I'm going to be starting this over tonight I think, figure I'll give it another shot. What with a new game being announced and all, I can't have just 1 Hitman game I haven't finished. Reading this board really just makes me want to get the HD trilogy and skip this entry, but... buuuuh. Yeah. I'm not entirely sure the point of this topic, just a Hitman fan hoping this won't be as bad as I remember.
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User Info: dustman123

2 years ago#2
I recently played through the entire hd trilogy. Having played 2 and contracts when I was a lot younger, and therefore didn't understand the intricacies of a good hitman game. Blood money I played when I was a bit older and could better understand it. But after playing through them all again, I've gotta say I love those games. Absolutely love them. But absolution I played before the hd trilogy and I enjoyed it but I didn't have the perspective I do now. I'm playing through that again as well and I can see why people don't like this one. It's not the same game as the old ones but I take it for what it is and that's a more story driven hitman game than the previous entries. I wish it could have been more like the old ones but they tried something different and I don't think it necessarily failed. I just think the biggest purchasers of hitman games are die hard hitman fans and this entry tried to reach a broader audience. Reading IO's open letter fills me with how that the next title will go back to its roots but I wouldn't want to discount absolution so much so as to just forget about it. It's a unique perspective that they tried and I definitely hope making this game helped them figure out how to fine tune the next one.

Tl; dr. It's not as good as previous titles but I don't think it's nearly as bad as people make it out to be.
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