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So, I downloaded this for free when it was on Games for Gold. I beat and I miss the one achievement to collect all evidence. As far as I remember, you just have to collect all evidence, It shouldn't matter how I go about killing my marks. So hypothetically could i just kill everyone in the level on easy mode and collect what I need to collect and basically speedrun through this game if possible?

Need confirmation or at least some advice on the matter. I honestly don't want to waste any more than another hour on this game. It was fun but only for so long.
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Yes. That's a legitimate way to go. However, a better way to go about it is to start a level, pause to see the challenge screen, check evidence collector, see which parts of the stage you're missing evidence, then go to those spots. No need playing the whole game from beginning to end just to collect evidence.

I'm actually doing this, for the fifth time, right now. On my brother's GT so he'll have another game with all achievements.

Anyway, once you get the evidence you can just go back to the main menu and start the next area you need to collect evidence in. It's faster and pretty painless. I'm doing it on normal right this minute...well, I'm typing this, but then I'm getting back to it!
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I need to add something I just found out, TC. I thought your idea of playing easy would be great for the last two evidence files I was missing on Countdown and Absolution. I got them both but no achievement. So I played Countdown again, on easy, then Absolution on normal-no achievement. Finally I played Countdown again on normal and upon getting the evidence I received my achievement (read m brother's achievement.)

This leads me to believe that easy mode either doesn't get you certain achievements, or playing on multiple difficulties negates certain achievements.

I've not tested this at length. Just noticed it when trying for my last two evidence files in the game. Hopefully you get them all on easy, but try not to be too disappointed if you don't. Again, not sure if easy mode prevents this achievement. Just reporting what happened to me.

Good luck!
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