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concerning absolution vs. previous hitman games (Archived)green_abobo58/28/2013
contracts filtering question (Archived)lostoutlawnb18/28/2013
An hour in (Archived)Estabon128/26/2013
Okay so basically back up your save at certain times so you don't lose data... (Archived)RPGNinja12378/17/2013
"Absolution score" question: (Archived)Jedi_Jussi48/11/2013
wow, shoulda called this one "47 does splintercell"(spoilers) (Archived)rogueleader_9278/11/2013
Welp, add me to the list. (Archived)daniel11266668/7/2013
I think I found the inspiration for Hitman Absolution! (Archived)Punda_Prime28/7/2013
Disguises like the Barber disguise (Archived)Bellethor58/7/2013
Do Not Buy This Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)
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SPOILERS... Campaign Story ending question(s)... (Archived)Airborne617668/7/2013
Partners in Crime Cheevo (Archived)daniel11266617/28/2013
greatest line uttered in any Hitman game! (Archived)Punda_Prime27/28/2013
wow, all of my save data got wiped (Archived)Bellethor87/26/2013
Bought this game for $13.50 on Ebay! (Archived)Death_Lingerer37/26/2013
Hardest Hitman game? (Archived)magus172467/13/2013
Anybody need the "Play a contract from a friend" Achievement? (Archived)UndertakrRIP57/13/2013
Is Contracts mode inactive now or what? (Archived)PrinceOfPWNage37/11/2013
Saved game corrupted (Archived)HeeroYuy090527/9/2013
Feminist interviews a stripper about how accurate The Saints are to real life (Archived)Flub-A-Dub27/8/2013
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