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4 years ago#1
Hi guys:

Just wondering, is this like old hit man, where if you fail you have to start from the beginning? Like no mid-mission saves allowed?
4 years ago#2
The is no "save anywhere" like Blood Money, but in it's place is a checkpoint system. There are certain locations that when you reach them save your progress.
4 years ago#3
Oh, thanks.

Saved me $49 :)

As much as I want to enjoy the excitement of a good stealth FPS, the idea of not allowing to save to prove you are hardcore is so 90s.
4 years ago#4
I would highly advise getting it anyways. It's obvious that you feel strongly about the checkpoints-thing, but this really is one of the best games of the year. Contracts mode alone is worth $50.
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4 years ago#5
umm... this game isn't FPS, you might wanna check out Dishonored if you want some nice FPS stealth-action, it's a great game and you can save all you want!

I don't see how not saving in levels is really "hardcore". In this game the levels are shorter (than past Hitman games) and almost work as checkpoints themselves (large "levels" being broken down into several smaller sections, rather than as one whole, uninterrupted area) , and there are still save locations in the middle of the longer missions. It's not unforgiving!
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4 years ago#6
I just like to be able to save, stop, and go do other stuff. If I want a unsave-able game, I would play league of legends or a MMO.

Plus, checkpoint is a even dumber idea and immesion destroying.

I just don't have much time gaming like when I was in high school. I rather be able to keep my progress under control.
4 years ago#7
Best part is if you kill people and use a checkpoint they instantly respawn
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