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4 years ago#1
my ragequit for today:
Parking-> done
Reception-> done
Cornfield-> 50% complete and for the second time 47 decides to punch a guard from behind , seriously this was the last time i'm attacking a walking target in this challenge.
4 years ago#2
Well added all the hours together, i must have been trying this for like 8 hours. I got so sick of fibre wiring all the guys in part one, im starting to use the silver ballers and even remote explosives now.

Right now, i can get to part 2. Got spotted a couple of times but did it on my 3rd try but i was restarting from checkpoint for the practise.

Hopefully i will be able to complete both part 1 and 2 with ease tomorrow so i can proceed to part 3. I havent done part 3 for a while now but i have a feeling that part 3 will actually be fun and wont be that difficult. I hope.

I just wish that its true that as long as you dont get spotted, you can use what ever means to kill a person.

And lastly i just want to complain at how such a pain it is how everytime you restart you have to wait so long for the first nun to walk by.
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4 years ago#3
I was on the same boat yesterday, I got pretty far until one of them turns around too quick and got into a fist fight, then I restarted from checkpoint and still got part 3, so you can still do many runs until you get it right without restarting the whole level per say. And no part 3 is harder than part 2 I think. Some of the guys start overlapping each other and found a another dead body by accident,
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4 years ago#4
Part 3 u could just kill the first nun over and over to get it.

I was going through all the challenges to get 100% but i havent been on the game again ever since i rage quitted from this challenge.
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--Yoichi Wada needs to be fired--
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