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Having major problems with the Schadenfreude Challenge in Absolution (Archived)DukeLeto724/17 11:57PM
What Music Would You Use 4 Each Location in the Game? (Archived)Munkar_Nakir19/8/2014
The Music in the Game is AWFUL (Archived)Munkar_Nakir19/6/2014
The Dialogues Are So Kitch & So Metrosexual Anti-Macho/Killer (Archived)Munkar_Nakir19/6/2014
Windows 8 (Archived)venomnikon16/20/2014
I used to be able to run the game in max setting with the exception of Tess (Archived)XGP15A22616/4/2014
Attn H:A Board. Latest Steam and or H:A patch has essentially broken the game. (Archived)XGP15A22615/9/2014
is hitman 1 important if i wanna play for story too? (Archived)sir_karacho34/19/2014
Hitman Steam Key for Trade. Taking any game I don't already have (Archived)hawsman212/20/2014
12gb update? any mods? (Archived)xVSaNx11/31/2014
Let's Play: Hitman Absolution (Archived)SLAYER189112/24/2013
PAUL WALKER IS DEAD (not a joke topic despite caps) (Archived)TrulyEpicLawls111/30/2013
Do you have a Savegame Past the Mission Hunter and Hunted? (Archived)esl21110/6/2013
No voices in the FMV's (Archived)GilgameshSwords29/24/2013
So let me get this straight...super mega uber spoilers. (Archived)Ulala Rules38/28/2013
So does I/O Interactive include all their characters into one universe? spoiler (Archived)Ulala Rules58/24/2013
Late I know... but extremely disappointed. (Archived)
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can my laptop run this game ? (Archived)luan198957/31/2013
How should I be playing? (Archived)jay52947/28/2013
It's interesting, though not necessarily in a good way (Archived)Punda_Prime17/23/2013
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