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Does the "Sniper Challenge" accurately represent how this game runs? (Archived)Slap_A_Ham27/21/2013
has anyone bought this on steam? (Archived)dwayne75537/4/2013
Feminist interviews a stripper about how accurate The Saints are to real life (Archived)Flub-A-Dub16/29/2013
If I played this first will I still enjoy Blood money as much ? (Archived)MoodyHoe36/20/2013
Gamepad or keyboard + mouse? (Archived)IceMage2026/4/2013
Are these framerate drops normal? (Archived)
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dark trunks125/16/2013
9th-15th on sale for $7.49 @ Amazon (Steam DRM) (Archived)Yosh0575/10/2013
Best environment design in gaming history (Archived)papaya95/2/2013
whats teh deal with the man locked in the room(terminus upper floors) (Archived)MADD DRAKE74/20/2013
Kane and Lynch Easter Egg (Archived)WalrusIam44/14/2013
Silent Assassin question... (Archived)rorrimehtninaM34/11/2013
Customizing Weapons (Archived)seancass3314/11/2013
Trail of fire (Archived)WalrusIam44/4/2013
Any way to fix the broken disguise system? (Archived)vV_Ryudo_Vv54/4/2013
4.99 GBP for Hitman absolution, is this deal of the year? (Archived)good_tobi64/1/2013
Dead board for such a fun game (Archived)Captain_Sexy_T63/31/2013
What kind of saving does this game have? (Archived)RocoBosco43/31/2013
Since game was on sale for $10 on Steam, decided to pick it up... (Archived)rockman20223/31/2013
I'm gonna get this game soon.... (Archived)ghostwarrior7923/28/2013
Cannot win against Rosy o'Donnel (Archived)Nenina83/24/2013
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