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question about buying from gmg (Archived)darkcast2004311/19/2012
I was just playing.. and now it's suddenly not released again? (Archived)Pal 080811/19/2012
Hitman Absolution Suit and Gun Collection (Archived)imowfaces411/19/2012
crap with the gmg deal i can't decide what i wanna get (Archived)darkcast2004511/19/2012
Restart your pc! (Archived)redorblue88811/19/2012
HDD Cholesterol (Archived)THE__END1011/19/2012
Anybody able to pre-load their game yet? (Archived)
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controller support? (Archived)GravyButt211/19/2012
Should I get PS3 version or PC version of this game? (Archived)Lobomoon711/19/2012
Been having trouble with my PC recently. How well should I run this game? (Archived)dark trunks711/19/2012
Universal launch, or is there somewhere that gets the game earlier? (Archived)
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Cancelled My Order (Archived)sickbullet811/19/2012
out of all the hitman games you have, do you ever rambo for fun? (Archived)
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Can I run this even on lowest settings? (Archived)KitsuneRag311/19/2012
Penny Arcade - "the PC version of Hitman: Absolution is just fine" (Archived)giocare411/19/2012
Anyone know about gmg steam keys? (Archived)
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Hitman Absolution $34 @ GMG (Archived)
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This game is an absolute treat! (Archived)ebj767811/19/2012
RIP Hitman series (Archived)
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7.5 on GameSpot (Archived)
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