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50% off on steam, worth getting? (Archived)
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PC or Console? (Archived)EpicKingdom_512/22/2012
This board is dead. (Archived)CarlBarker712/20/2012
Amazon Sale $19.99 (Archived)Anzak55612/20/2012
SA rating on Terminus. (Archived)Netskimmer212/17/2012
Which community has best contract mode support? PC, X360, or PS3? (Archived)Neo_Sarevok112/17/2012
Looking to trade an Assassins Creed 3 digital code for a steam code of Hitman (Archived)flyugy2300112/15/2012
What is disc 2 for? (Archived)SkaterPunk2008212/14/2012
cutscene that makes me LOL every time - (Archived)DecompostingRug112/14/2012
Question about some npc's (possible spoilers) (Archived)sickindahead312/13/2012
How to lay down C4 without throwing it? (Archived)fatcat58912/13/2012
Amazon sale for $29.99 (Archived)Anzak55212/13/2012
Why can't I get SA on Hunter and Hunted? (Archived)Joseph the Screamer312/13/2012
Wait, did Square-Enix manage to get the rights to the barcode on 47's head? (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff112/13/2012
Not getting the last achievement... (Archived)Ryze82112/12/2012
Mod in development to fix disguise system (Archived)
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Anyone else notice this? (Archived)killyoubig35412/11/2012
Installed the game via steam, and it won't start (Archived)Superrpgman212/11/2012
Can you beat my contract? lets use this topic to share contracts. (Archived)PSP_H0mebrew312/11/2012
Rank the Hitman games (Archived)guy39guy39912/11/2012
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