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What happened to the Agency? (Archived)arbitterm212/10/2012
Think you're good at this game? Try my impossibly difficult contract... (Archived)killyoubig35812/10/2012
Question about final cutscene (spoilers...duh) (Archived)guy39guy39712/9/2012
Epic Bug on Blackwater Penthouse level (spoiler free) (Archived)digitalwill2000112/9/2012
=[ League of Assassins ]= .......... ( Steam Contracts Mode Playgroup, Join! ) (Archived)Link_AJ912/9/2012
can i max this game @1080p & 30+fps? (Archived)Chargrilled412/8/2012
Is it possible to reset stat? (Archived)Trigimel412/8/2012
Hitman Absolution $32.50 @ GMG (Archived)ZurickSavesYOU312/7/2012
Is Contracts mode fun/does it add a lot of life to the game? (Archived)killyoubig35312/7/2012
what is up with the bad reviews scores? (Archived)
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some of the biggest ripoff DLC ever? (Archived)
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*Sees a group of 3 guards on patrol* (Archived)
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Looking for Gamertags to Compete in Contracts Mode (Archived)Berethur212/6/2012
Moue K/B or 360 Gamepad? (Archived)Hungry_for_Sex1012/6/2012
Better games for Hitman "Purists"? (Archived)Mazryonh912/5/2012
Glitched Schadenfreude challenge (Archived)kallisto1712/5/2012
is there a purist non lethal playthrough on youtube? (Archived)craziii3512/5/2012
Suggestions for the upcoming patch. (Archived)James Mason512/4/2012
Stuck Updating (Archived)G4me4ddict212/4/2012
I hate *losing* because of cutscenes (spoilers) (Archived)
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