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What is the difference between contract and absolution? (Archived)
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This game is exceptionally optimized and this board is nearly dead. (Archived)TheWayOfTheGun612/4/2012
Can you save...(Spoilers) (Archived)digitalwill2000212/4/2012
Who does the Saint leader kill in her introductory FMV? (Archived)lithium338312/4/2012
On Normal can you run and gun and get a way with it? (Archived)TheWayOfTheGun412/4/2012
OKAAAY we get it!! Outfits!!! (Archived)digitalwill2000112/4/2012
Will this game run on AMD Radeon HD 6630M? (Archived)Hitzkolpf112/3/2012
Who's That Furry Guy? (Archived)Link_AJ212/3/2012
do the credit's ever end? (Archived)Raa1n212/3/2012
Is there a way to get into the Dealer's apartment without a disguise? (Archived)Xion350812/2/2012
Try these contracts of mine out (Archived)LLink2411512/2/2012
How do you see the leaderboards? (Archived)UnHoly One212/2/2012
Are checkpoint marker retries broken? (Archived)Y2Ryoko112/2/2012
how do you errr....PUSH people?!?! (Archived)digitalwill2000312/1/2012
Patch released (Archived)MCJess812/1/2012
steam says this game has 'partial controller support' ..... (Archived)Chargrilled512/1/2012
I think it updated on Steam a little over an hour ago. (Archived)KillerSlaw612/1/2012
Possible to get Silent Assassin on prologue? (Archived)Y2Ryoko512/1/2012
Free Classic Hitman Trilogy code (Archived)MrMichael14311/30/2012
weird checkerboard look esp in bright areas by sky.. drivers? (Archived)blingbling078311/30/2012
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