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Contracts (Archived)cc288417/11 4:29AM
Online trophies? (Archived)Ebiru238715/31 4:22PM
Partners in Crime Trophy (Archived)hellfire35523/25 4:46AM
Joseph McKenna as Hitman (Archived)Shazif13/21 9:11AM
Jack (Long Kiss Goodnight) [1996]) and Agent 47 [2000] (Archived)Shazif22/12 3:49AM
This video game should have an option for first person mode. (Archived)Karate-Chorrizo212/16 1:25AM
contracts (Archived)fido4life19/28 6:03PM
Creative Writting Contest -- Improve the Narration and Dialogue in the Game (Archived)Munkar_Nakir29/26 10:04AM
What Music Would You Use 4 Each Location in the Game? (Archived)Munkar_Nakir39/12 7:37AM
The Music in the Game is AWFUL (Archived)Munkar_Nakir39/12 7:36AM
47 Looks a Lot Like the Star Trek 2010's Orbital Cannon Owner (Archived)Munkar_Nakir19/9 5:36AM
The Dialogues Are So Kitch & So Metrosexual Anti-Macho/Killer (Archived)Munkar_Nakir19/6 2:52AM
Another FREE Hitman: Absolution High Tech suit & Bartoli pistol Code... (Archived)Airborne617619/3 7:08AM
FREE Hitman: Absolution High Tech suit & Bartoli custom pistol Promo Code... (Archived)Airborne617619/3 2:34AM
Charlie the Chipmunk (Archived)Copyright201117/30 6:57AM
Help me get into this game (Archived)theonewhoisme26/17/2014
Trophy Glitch (Archived)BledAngelShadow16/9/2014
8$ in PSN for the best stealth game? Does it have custom soundtrack? (Archived)way2rich44/8/2014
Boosting Partner (Archived)RichardSektor84/6/2014
How long did it take you to get all evidence and 100 challenges? (Archived)ClassicRich24/6/2014
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