Annoying glitch

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4 years ago#1
Whenever I restart a level many times( 4 or 5 times actually), whether it's SP or MP, some of the in-game sound decides to disappear.

And when I try to exit to the main menu or simply quit the game, it freezes no matter what. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

It's quit annoying when I'm creating a contract, because right when I save it, it freezes. Another example would be when I'm unlocking challenges, I'm required to restart the level numerous times to obtain them all. And I think you can guess what happens...

I have also discovered a glitch in one of the levels, which teleports 47 through the floor lol

But in all seriousness, the devs need to fix this problem.
Luckily I haven't lost my save file yet, after so many freezes u would expect otherwise.

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